NexStreaming Opens Up Video Editing Asset Store for LG G6

2019-10-24 19:39
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기사일 : 2017.04.17

NexStreaming Opens Up Video Editing Asset Store for LG G6
  • G6 users can download additional Themes and SoundTracks through the Store App, ‘VASSET’
SEOUL, South Korea-- NexStreaming ( 139670.KQ ), a mobile multimedia software company, announced that it has renewed the contract with LG Electronics to supply NexEditor SDK, a video editing solution, and its companion Asset Store App, VASSET.

VASSET is an asset store app designed to provide new video editing assets to LG G6 users. With the aid of VASSET, LG G6 users will have a freedom to choose from a wide variety of assets and enjoy unprecedented video editing experience, as easier than ever and full of fun with high quality output video.

Assets are designed to have their own atmosphere and style, and are provided in three categories: Themes, Soundtracks and Text Effects. Especially, Theme is noticeable. Theme is a pre-configured collection of filters, overlays and transition effects applied to raw video automatically, so even newbies can create stunning video footage with just a few touches. Another good benefit to LG G6 users is KineMaster, NexStreamings professional video editor app, which is directly linked from G6 video editing UI. Just in one tap, LG G6 users can seamlessly continue editing in KineMaster to create fine-tuned and more elaborate video footage. KineMaster is the most successful professional video editing app for Android users, with its total downloads over 16 million and its daily downloads surpassing 50,000.

"We are pleased to cooperate with LG Electronics in providing the content for consumers, beyond providing a software solution," said Jaewoo Kim, Head of Video Editing Business Division of NexStreaming. He also said, "We are stepping up our efforts to secure partnership with more design houses and content suppliers, and will soon introduce high quality premium assets as well as advertising for monetization”.

About NexStreaming

NexStreaming is a widely acknowledged mobile multimedia software company with its own video-processing technologies highly optimized for mobile devices. Products include: NexPlayer™, which already powers more than 350 million handsets, NexPlayer SDK™, providing HD video streaming services including live broadcasting, NexEditor SDK™, the advanced and sophisticated video editing solution delivering optimum performance on every device for the fastest recording and editing, and KineMaster™, the first and only professional video editor app available for Android devices. NexStreaming is a publicly traded company listed on the Korean stock exchange ( KOSDAQ:139670 ) since December 2012, with its headquarter in Seoul, Korea and its branches in Spain, the U.S and China.

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