Finace manager

Seoul, Korea,

◎ Employment types

• Full-time


◎ Number of opening position

• 0


◎ Job Description

• Fund deposits and withdrawals (KRW, foreign currency) and fund reporting
• Corporate card management and business related to financial institutions
• Expense document processing
• Assisting with settlement of accounts and accounting audit work
• Accounting for deposits and withdrawals and self-sufficient execution
• Accounting for expenses and reviewing evidence and adequacy
• Corporate account, corporate card management and other financial services, VAT reporting


◎ Qualifications

• At least 2 years of relevant work experience
• Experience working in the accounting department of a listed company


◎ Preferred Qualifications
• Those who can do DOUZONE are preferred
• English proficiency preferred
• Those with excellent computer literacy are preferred.
• Accounting/Business majors preferred
• Holders of financial related qualifications preferred


◎ Notice

• This position has a probationary period of three months.


◎ Benefits

• Horizontal in-house culture
– We use ‘nick name’ instead of the functional title.

• Flexible working system
– Since its foundation, it has been operating a time-difference commuting system for flexible working hours, and is implementing a 52-hour workweek.

• Working from home
– Introduction of Linked Work (the implementation of or 100% at home twice a week)

• Support for purchase of individual books
-We are supporting the purchase cost of books by employees through the payment of points for books every quarter.

• The opening of the monthly in-house party
– We are rewarding our employees for holding an in-house video contest

• A facility of the convenience of an in-house
– This is the latest massage chair where you can relax at any time, and there is a lounge dedicated to women.

• Fund of student
– We provide financial support for the children of kindergarten, elementary, middle, high, and university.

• Health examination
– We are conducting a health examination of all employees at a specialist institution once a year for the health care of employees.

• Money of condolence
– We are offering various kinds of condolence money, wreaths of condolence money, and vacations for condolence. (marriage, death, childbirth, etc.)

• Long-term service
– I am supporting the Youth Tomorrow Fill Deduction for young people and Tomorrow Fill Deduction for all employees.
– It is under the imposition of a long-term leave of five years, ten years, 15 years, and 20 years of long-term service as a reward to the worker.

• I am applying for paid leave on sick leave.

• There is a system of flexible / shortened working hours of two hours a day during the period of pregnancy and a system of before and after maternity leave, parental leave, and a system of maternity leave for men.

• The provision of lunch meals, four insurance policies, and retirement pensions