KineMaster Corporation
KineMaster Corporation has been one of the leading multimedia software vendors in the world for over 15 years. By combining state-of-the-art technologies in video & audio codec, streaming protocol, media container, and post-processing, KineMaster Corporation provides a video editing app and a top-quality media player that is highly optimized for mobile devices.
The mobile video Editing application KineMaster, since its launch in December 2013, KineMaster has gathered more than 120 million downloads as of February 2019. KineMaster provides powerful video editing tools to produce top quality video for professional or personal use. Join the mobile editing revolution.
Our best-selling product, NexPlayer SDK, has powered hundreds of millions of mobile devices, been embedded into top-tier handsets by producers such as Samsung and LG Electronics, and been integrated into world-class Content Provider Apps such as HBO GO and MLB Player.
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